We study the skills of ancient  and contemporary hunter gatherers. We do so because it is fascinating and pleasurable to do, and also because practicing these skills often leads to insights about the lifestyles of these peoples and how to be more connected with the Earth.

Our group in Sandpoint, Idaho has been practicing these techniques together for several years. In addition, we have developed exercises for the general public to introduce them to these skills. Some skills, such as making fire without matches, interpreting bird language, and tracking are difficult to attain proficiency in a short time, but others, such as awareness skills can show immediate results, although long practice will certainly improve them.

We invite you to wander through our web site, read articles about these skills, and try them yourselves.  You will find that they are satisfying because of  the knowledge and confidence you gain, knowing that you can not only survive but, but flourish in the woods. They are also fun to do.