Art for the Earth

Art can be a powerful voice speaking for the Earth. You will find here paintings, prints, calligraphic images, and even cartoons if they make their points artfully and beautifully. Look through our Art for the Earth gallery. We hope that you like what you see and that it inspires you to protect the Earth.


Why They Are Called Leaves



Clouds move across the sky

billowing over ridges

slipping slowly past tree tops

One minute you can look

at mountains of clouds

and later look back

    to see a tidal wave

Today I watched a rabbit

    with a wild wig

slowly turn into a fish

    jumping over a crescent moon

I began wishing I could slow these constant changes

    but as the philosopher said:

    the only permanence is change

      seasons come, seasons go

      moon waxes, moon wanes

      mountains form, talus grows

      babe is born, hair greys

Distant thunder

lightening struck my thoughts

  I saw a microcosm of Nature’s evolution

      right there above me

        at a speed I can perceive

    I saw I was part of a process

         that I knew would go on changing

         regardless of what anyone did.

It’s a comfort to see that I’m not alone

  in this vast changingness

And what a relief to understand

  it’s all  beyond my control

And in deep surrender and release

  to know that I am one

      with all of life

Art For the Earth

A Gift From The Clouds