Ancient Pathways to a Sustainable Future

What can our ancestors teach us?

The Empire Strikes Back

Right from the beginning, there has been controversy about the nature of these new combinations, dubbed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their possible effects. The question arises, how can we determine if GMOs, are safe to use as food and to let into our environment?

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The End Of Oil

 THE END OF OIL, AND THE RISE OF DENIAL (6/3/06, rev. 9/10/11)Ken Fischman,Ph.D.,  Lanie Johnson, M.A.,  and the Ancient Pathways PlayersClimbing Hubbert’s PeakBack in 1956, an oil geologist, by the name of L. King Hubbert, published an article in which he predicted...

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Hunter Gatherers – Brutish Or Brilliant?

                    *                  HUNTER GATHERERS, BRUTISH OR BRILLIANT?by Ken Fischman, Ph.D. and Lanie Johnson, M.A. (PF)  1. MUSIC (Bayaka track 1, women gathering mushrooms)(J J)    2.  INTRODUCTIONS(K)    3.  THE END OF OILQ         Russia and the Ukraine...

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Wolf Defender’s View Absent

 Bonner Bee Nov 20, 2010Wolf Defenders’ View AbsentRich Landers in Sunday’s Spokesman (Aug. 30), quoted seven people, who were in favor of hunting wolves. It is not that dissenters are non-existent or hard to reach. He could have spoken with Michael Robinson of the...

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